The Maze game

Scary games have always been a favorite among online gamers and nothing could beat the interesting maze games. There has been a growing interest among players for the scary maze games due to its engrossing gameplay. These flash games have evolved and produced massive success over the time.

The entire maze game series has an incredibly simple mechanism, but its scary bonus level keeps the gamers captivated. The beginning of the game is very easy and can be enjoyed by the younger generation. However, as you reach the third or the fourth level of the game, it gets exciting.


The main motive in the game is to reach the goal without touching the walls of the maze. Most of the versions of the maze game consist of five levels and a bonus scary level. The maze in each level is different and it keeps getting narrower as you reach the new stages of the game.

You need to play the game with full concentration and make sure that you reach new levels quickly without bumping the wall (especially in maze game 3) . In case, you touch the wall then you will have to play the entire game again from scratch. This can be annoying for some, but it even makes the player determined to reach the new levels swiftly.

The game is a great way to test the level of concentration and patience of the player. Most of the players play the game with an intention to prank unsuspecting victims. They challenge their pals to complete the final level of the game. As the first few levels are easy, the friend will mostly accept the challenge with a lot of confidence. However, they aren’t aware of what will come next!

The game has gained a lot of popularity and is enjoyed mostly on Halloween week. So, if you want to prank your family or friends then turn down the lights, put on the volume, and play this scary game tonight. You may even hide a camera close by and shoot the expressions of the player. This will let you have a good laugh for a lifetime.