Scary Maze Prank

Have you been stunned by a scary maze prank? Did your friend try to scare by challenging you to play the daring scary maze game? If not, then this is the right time for you to check the scary maze online game series. These are flash-based games that play with the emotions and instincts of human, and they often end up doing a very good job.

Most of the scary maze pranks have become extremely popular in the world of Internet. These videos are going viral and getting millions of views and likes. They certainly are a great way to make millions of hearts skip a beat. The scary maze game series has a bonus level in each game, which is the scariest part. This level has a scary pop up that can make adults as well as kids terrified. It is a great way to experience fear and then have a good laugh on it.

The scary maze series(including scary maze game 10)  is a great way to check the level of concentration and patience of the gamer. The first few stages of the game are extremely easy. This makes the gamer all the more confident to play and reach the final level. Your motive in the game is to reach the goal without touching the boundary wall of the maze. The mazes in each level are different from one another and as you keep progressing, it becomes tougher to reach the goal.

You need to play the game with a lot of focus . Even if you touch the wall once, you will have to play the entire game again. Also, the higher levels of the game have mazes that are very narrow. Making the dot move through these narrow lanes is difficult. So, you need to be cautious while playing.


The final bonus level of the game is the most awaited one. This is when the gamer will get a shock of their lives. Anyone who plays the game with concentration is surely going to jump, swat, scream, or fall down in the final level. So, enjoy the hilarious reactions that the player gives while playing the scary maze game series.

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