Scary Maze Game

If you are looking for ways to prank your friends then the Scary Maze game will be the best choice. The game can be played and enjoyed by all age groups and is a perfect way to scare your family members or companions. All you need to do is challenge your pals to clear the final level of the game. The beginning of the game will keep them engrossed but the last level will surely give them the shock of their lives. It is a great online game to make others scared.

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There are four levels in the game and all of them will keep the player entertained. However, the surprise waits at the final stage of the game, which makes it one of the most popular and entertaining game of the decade. As you keep progressing in the game, you will come across mazes of different shapes and sizes.

Your goal in the game is to move the blue square through the maze without touching the walls. The moment the square touches the wall, you will reach the beginning of the game and will have to play again. So, you need to be extremely careful while playing. The game is a good way to test the player’s level of concentration and patience. Without hitting the boundary of the maze, you need to make the square reach its goal in all levels.

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The game is a mouse-based one and will keep you engrossed for a few hours. It can be enjoyed by kids too; however, ensure that the kid is brave enough to handle the final stage of the game. As you keep progressing with the various stages of the game, the maze will get narrower. This feature will make it tough for you to clear the stage in the first shot. For each mistake that you make, you will have to start playing the game again from scratch. So, have fun while playing this entertaining, scary, and engrossing online game.