Scary Maze Game 4

Are you looking for ways to make your friend scared? Have you tried challenging him to play the Scary Maze Game 4? If not, then you should urge him to visit your home tonight for playing the Scary Maze Game 4. The game is an engrossing one that will surely make your friend petrified.

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It is a mouse-based game wherein you need to move the dot till the end of the maze. There are different shaped mazes in each level and as you reach new stages you will come across narrow mazes, which will be difficult to cross. In the game, you need to reach the goal without touching the wall of the maze. As soon as you touch it, you will have to play the game again right from the beginning. It can be played and enjoyed by all age groups, but it is not recommended for fainthearted people as they may get very scared.

In the higher stages of the game, as soon as you touch the wall you will get the shock of your life. This is the scariest part of the game and you need to challenge your friend for playing the last level of the game. So, as soon as he touches the wall of the maze he will come across the scary popup and get frightened.

>> Click Here To Play Scary Maze Game 4  <<


To make the game more exciting and creating the horror effect, you can make your pal play the game in the night and by switching off the lights. Ensure that your friend is wearing his headphones and the sound is turned on. Try to keep the volume a bit louder than usual. This will enhance the main purpose of challenging your friend to play the game. You can even use a hidden camera to click the entire event, so that both of you can have a good laugh later on. So, get your friend home tonight and throw this awesome prank on him.