Scary Maze Game 10

The Scary Maze Game 10 is quite different from the previous versions of the popular series. In this game, you need to make the monkey reach its goal, which is bananas in the game. The graphics of the game has become more bright and colorful as it revolves around a jungle scene. However, the main motive of the game still remains the same that is to test the skills of the player.

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There are several levels in the game and you need to avoid hitting the monkey on the walls of the maze otherwise you will have to play the entire game again. To make the game different from the other versions, there are several obstacles that come along the way of the monkey. You need to stay away from those objects as a slight touch to them will make you reach the first level. Some of the obstacles that you will come across are a red pointed ball and a moving bird.

The first few levels of the game are very simple to play and your monkey will be able to reach its goal easily. However, the obstacles start arising from the third level. Each level has a different styled maze, which makes the game an engrossing one. The maze keeps getting narrower in each level and this is the most interesting feature. You need to play the game with utmost concentration and patience as a small error could make you play the game again.

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The game can be controlled easily with the help of the mouse. It can be played and enjoyed by all ages, but ensure that the player is brave enough to handle the scary part of the game. The final level of the game is the scariest part, which is also the most awaited one. Usually players try to throw a prank on their friends by challenging them to play the Scary Maze game series. It is the best way to have some scary and fun time together with your pals.

To enhance the main purpose of the game you should play the Scary Maze game 10 with the lights off and the sound turned on. This will provide the horror effect and make the game all the more interesting. In fact, the bone chilling scream that you hear will remind you of how loud your computer speakers actually are. Don’t forget to capture the entire incident on your camera so that you can have a good laugh later on. The Scary Maze game 10 certainly is a game that is worth playing once.