Play In Your Smartphone

The Scary Maze games are really fun. Millions of people around the world played them and pranked their friends. The first Scary Maze game was released many years ago, and at the time – only few people knew about it. Because of that, it was really easy to prank your friends with it. But now – so many people already know about this game and the scary surprise (making it so much harder to prank others !).

Some time ago, my friend sent me a link to a scary maze game app. I did not know that you can play these games on your smartphone, and even for free ! I immediately download the app and started playing. The witch appeared, but my volume was really low, so guess what – I did not even move ! Later, I tried to prank my friend with this game (and this time I connected a powerful Bluetooth speaker to the smartphone) – and it worked really well. The only mistake I made as not filming his reaction. I am sure this video would get millions of views and make ms super rich 🙂


If you also want to prank your friends, download it here and enjoy ! The app is free, and it does not take too much space on your phone, so no worries about that. There are many other scary maze apps you can download, but in my opinion – this one is the best. The levels are nice, and most importantly – it is super scary ! By the way – the link I gave you is the second version of the game, so it may look different from the original scary maze game you may saw online before. You can also try and download the app to your tablet – in my opinion it is even better.



Feel free to record your friend’s reaction and upload it to YouTube (only if they allow it of course). You can also send us a link to the video and it will be posted on this page. Remember – make sure your smartphone is not muted, or connect it to a Bluetooth speaker for the best results. Trust me – without audio it is not as scary.

I recommend also playing the game on your PC because of the screen size. Also, in my opinion – it is fun to play with the mouse and not using a touch screen. I know that some people don’t play games on their PC anymore, but the Scary Maze game is defiantly worth trying. Even if you already know about the “surprise”, you can enjoy the game – because you really can’t know for sure when it will happen. There are also many other versions of the Scary Maze – my favorite one is Scary Maze 5.