Maze Game 3

The Maze game 3 is an engrossing game that will not only entertain you but also improve your skills to focus on a particular thing. The game consists of five levels and a bonus scary level. Each level comprises of a different shaped maze. Your main objective in the game is to make the dot reach its goal by travelling through the maze.

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Well, this is not as easy as it sounds! You need to be very careful while making the dot move with the help of your mouse. It will require utmost concentration as a minute error will make the dot touch the boundary walls of the maze. Once you touch the wall, you will be directed to play the game again from the first level.

The Maze game 3 has attracted the fancy of not just kids and young adults, but people of all ages over the world. You need to be logical and persistent while playing the game. It is a flash-based game in which you need to make the dot reach its target. The game will surely develop your ability to focus on something as you have to play the game with a lot of attention.

>> Click Here To Play Maze Game 3  <<


As you reach new levels, the maze will keep getting narrower and at one point of time it will be almost impossible to make the dot travel through the maze. This feature of the game makes it more tricky and difficult to beat. Also, it is the most awaited part of the game as the scary thing pops up at this stage.

Even if you are not a big fan of maze games, the Maze Game 3 will surely attract you. It is the best game to have some enjoyable time with your family and friends. All you need to do is challenge them to play the last level of the game. They are surely going to have a shock of their lives. A word of caution here is that don’t let the fainthearted people play the game.